With this 28 cm deep comfortable hypoallergenic mattress, you will enjoy a highly satisfying and rejuvenating sleep. Made from our independently proven pressure relieving High Performance Advanced Sleep Catalyst Foam, Extra Wear Resistant Royal Comfort Layer®, Edge Fort® Guard Technology and Ergobatic High Performance Advanced Body Support Core System®, this ergonomic mattress will:

enhance the quality of your sleep
provide you with incredible comfort and superior personalised support
keep you comfortably cool and dry as result of enhanced ventilation and effective moisture dispersion
This medium firm ergonomic mattress will contour to your body for:
an outstanding pressure relief from shoulders, back, hips and legs for refreshing sleep
soothing you from body aches and pains for comfortable day
preventing numbness so that you do not suffer from nightmarish tossing and turning in your bed
Research for Sleep, Health and Well-being Product of a full-fledged research and a continuous engineering efforts in which the factors of paramount importance to sleep, health and well-being were tested and analysed to optimise its performance and ergonomics features that meet or exceed the British and the European Standards
Design, Development and Manufacturing in the UK Exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in the UK using an advanced intelligent mattress production technology to:
impart a top notch quality and stability to exterior and interior structures
provide celestial comfort and soft pleasurable support to your body for freshness, cleanliness, luxury, well-being, durability and an elegant craftsmanship
immediately distribute your body weight properly for crucial pressure points relief
support the UK economy
Comfort Core The comfort core consists of our independently proven pressure relieving High Performance Advanced Sleep Catalyst Foam which is soft and elastic and moulds to your body contours for your highest level of sleeping experience.

Sleep Catalyst Foam does not depend on the temperature for body contouring and therefore it is ideal for every season.

Premium Softly Cool Cover Premium quality Therminator® Tencel luxury cover quilted with our proprietary Oelux® fibres provides a blissful soft and cool comfort
Foundation This mattress can be used on any suitable type of foundation, however we recommend Avax foundation with our mattress to prolong its performance and life
Environmentally Friendly Various components can be recycled at the end of mattress usage to develop other important products after due hygienic and other necessary treatments
Fire Safety Compliance Complies with the UK Fire Safety Regulations
Extended Guarantee 5 year guarantee and 5 year warranty to provide a 10 year extended warranty
Mattress Firmness
Medium Firm (Ergonomic – see our Support Level Matrix)
Ideal mattress firmness for side and back sleepers
Reduces pressure points on your body
Distributes your weight on a wider area
Helps the blood circulation by reducing the pressure points
Prevents numbness
Provides comfortable upholstery for sleeping surface
Sleeper remains in the same sleeping position for a longer period of time which reduces tossing and turning
28 cm Mattress Depth
25 cm is the ideal mattress depth required for 91% of the UK population. This mattress exceeds the depth required for the British population making it a suitable choice for UK bedrooms
A well designed royal depth makes this mattress more sumptuous and luxurious and gives you a more comfortable night whilst providing the perfect support you need to sleep blissfully well
Enhances your high-tech sleep experience with the rich balance of luxury and support
Premium Grade Therminator® Tencel Cover
Incredibly softer than silk and luxurious feel
Antibacterial (perfect for sweaty sleepers), antimite, antifungal and deodorising to help reduce the bacterial, mite and fungal counts and keep the mattress fresh
Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
Antistatic and therefore highly relaxing to your skin and rejuvenating sleep
Wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortably cool and dry
Highly breathable for cool and comfortable sleep
Performs exceedingly well in all the temperatures
Environmentally friendly Tencel fibres
5 cm High Performance Advanced Sleep Catalyst Foam
Enhances your sleep quality as you fall asleep fast and experience deep sleep
Provides a fully optimised sleep for helping blood flow, relieving body pressure points, relaxing muscles and reducing your body pains and aches
Offers an outstanding comfort while remaining neutral to the body and ambient temperatures
Prevents pressure ulcers (pressure sores) to keep your skin smooth and dry
Wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortably cool and dry
Provides a weightlessness sleeping experience due to high micropores density
Prevents motion transfer of partner for undisruptive sleep
Hypoallergenic and hygienic for sensitive skin
4 cm Extra Wear Resistant Royal Comfort Layer®
Moulds to your body and holds its shape
Keeps your spine straight during sleep
Relieves your body pressure points to sooth you to a relaxing sleep
Provides an outstanding comfort and supreme support to your body
Hypoallergenic and hygienic
18 cm Ergobatic High Performance Body Support Core System®
Provides a zonal and ergonomic support in conjunction with the comfort core – extended support in lumbar region and softer support at hips so that your posture is protected and the spine remains in alignment
Reduces your pressure points
Available in 1500, 2000 and 3000 coil counts (based on 150 cm size mattress)
Edge Fort® Guard Technology
Widens the sleeping area for each sleeper by encapsulating the mattress core from all the sides
Prevents the edge breakdown under pressure or stress
Prevents the roll-off
4 Handles
Make it easy to rotate the mattress
100% Egyptian Cotton Quilted Side Panel (Mattress Border)
Softer and lustre feel
Highly breathable for cool and comfortable sleep
Strong and durable
Zero Turn Mattress
Sleeps on one side only
Rotate the mattress regularly to prevent the sagging (acceptable indentation is 5 cm during first 5 year of guarantee)
Tape edged Cover
Tape edged to secure it permanently for harvesting a quality comfort
Provides you with a plush and light feathered comfort while improving your sleep quality
Creates a dynamic cool sleeping surface to meet your body’s requirement
Cuddles your curves properly for outstanding body pressure relief and superior personalised support
Provides physical stress and body pain relief
Imparts rich and hypoallergenic comfort night after night
Allows for proper spine support
Gives cool and moisture free rejuvenating sleep
Individuals with their body weight up to 20 stone
Couples with their combined body weight up to 40 stone (100% of UK couples)
Individual and couples with flat body shape and even weight distribution
Individuals and couples with average body shape and weight distribution
Individuals and couples with curvy body shape and uneven body weight distribution (having more defined and pronounced hips, shoulders and stomachs)
Weight holding capacity of this mattress is approximately 20 stone per sleeping side
Body weight and shape given above is for guidance only. Your preference may vary.
Select Spring

1500, 2000, 3000

Select Size

UK Single (90cm x 190cm/3'0" x 6'3"), UK Small Double (120cm x 190cm/4'0" x 6'3"), UK Double (135cm x 190cm/4'6" x 6'3"), UK King (150cm x 200cm/ 5'0" x 6'6"), UK Super King (180cm x 200cm/6'0" x 6'6")

Select Base

UK Single (90cm x 190cm/3'0" x 6'3"), UK Small Double (120cm x 190cm/4'0" x 6'3"), UK Double (135cm x 190cm/4'6" x 6'3"), UK King (150cm x 200cm/ 5'0" x 6'6"), UK Super King (180cm x 200cm/6'0" x 6'6")

Select Ottoman

UK Double (135cm x 190cm/4'6" x 6'3"), UK King (150cm x 200cm/ 5'0" x 6'6"), UK Super King (180cm x 200cm/6'0" x 6'6")

Select Sleigh Bed

UK Double (135cm x 190cm/4'6" x 6'3"), UK King (150cm x 200cm/ 5'0" x 6'6"), UK Super King (180cm x 200cm/6'0" x 6'6")

Storage Option

Non Drawer, 2 Drawer, 4 Drawer, 4 Drawer Continental, Foot End Jumbo Drawer, Sliders

6 reviews for Pride 1500, 2000 & 3000

  1. 7x World Champion, 5x Paralympic Gold medallist and multiple World Record holder, Hannah Cockroft

    “The only reason I am happy to be home is to be back sleeping with my AVAX mattress! If only I could have taken it to Australia”

  2. Olympian, Race Walker, 5x British Record Holder Tom Bosworth

    “Loving my sleep even more since the arrival of my AVAX mattress! Seriously the best night’s sleep I have ever had”

  3. Silver Medallist in Pentathlon at London Olympics, Samantha Murray

    “Amazing night’s sleep thanks to Avax mattress, really recommend to anyone wanting to improve sleep quality.”

  4. Olympian, English Record holder and 5X British Champion, Jade Lally

    “The mattress is really superb as my back has been good now which is always my biggest problem”

  5. Your Dentist Of Harley Street, London, Mr Fintan O’Rourke

    “This mattress has significantly improved our sleep quality and I do not have a bad back now”

  6. Bristol, Dragons and Welsh Rugby Player, Elinor Snowsill

    “Looking forward to the delivery of my new Avax mattress”

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